Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant Are you in the New York area and suffering chronic pain in your back or limbs associated with back surgeries that just didn’t work, or other conditions that have left you in chronic pain. Do you want to find an alternative to taking drugs all the time just too dull the chronic pain you feel every day? We are pain management clinic with several locations in the NY area that have been successfully helping our patients manage their chronic pain through the use of injections.

When other methods have failed to help you get your chronic pain under control, and you decide you don’t want to be taking drugs every day to manage your pain, give us call at (212) 951-1238 or (718) 336-5123. One option that we offer to help manage chronic pain is a spinal cord stimulator implant. With this implant, a needle is used to place tiny electrical wires into the back in close proximity to the spinal column. Then a tiny incision is made in the abdomen or upper buttock, which is where the programmable generator is inserted. This generator is what controls and sends the electrical pulses to the electrical wires near the spinal column. The electrical pulses will block the nerves signals causing the pain, thereby alleviating much, if not all, of the pain previously felt.

Advantages to Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

There are many advantages associated with managing your chronic pain with a spinal cord stimulator implant. In order to determine if you will benefit from the procedure, a temporary unit can be used to test the effectiveness of the process. If the test procedure successfully manages the chronic pain as desired, then the process to get the permanent implant can be started. However, like all drugs and procedures, every person’s body responds differently to different treatments.

Another advantage is that with a spinal cord stimulator implant, you will be able to resume you daily activities, including recreational activities such as swimming. Plus, if you decide that you don’t want the implant anymore because it’s effectiveness has declined or you no longer need it, it can easily be removed. Once removed, because the incisions are small, there won’t be any unsightly scars left on your body.

Simple Outpatient Procedure to Manage Chronic Pain

The procedure to install a spinal cord stimulator implant is relatively simple and will take 60-90 minutes to be complete. It is done on an outpatient basis, so there will be no need for a costly, overnight stay at a hospital. The incisions from the procedure are so small that nothing will be visible on your body that would indicate that you have an implant. This means that there will be no equipment to physically carry in your hand, and that wearing a bathing suit or bikini without worrying about a large scar or exposed wires, will be possible.

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