Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection is carried out to eliminate pain, caused by sacroiliac articulation (a joint which connects spine and thigh-bone) arthritis. Steroid medication can decrease swelling and inflammation. During this procedure patient lies face down with a soft pad under the stomach for a better comfort and to help to relax the spine.

A local anesthetic is administered in the site of injection, which numbs all tissues up to the sacroiliac articulation.Then a steroid-anesthetic mixture is injected which encloses painful area.

You can take sacroiliac joint steroid injection at our clinic. Feel free to find as at following locations in NY(NYC): Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Morganville, NJ.


Possible side-effects are comparable with side-effects of a simple injection: patient may have allergic reactions, bacterial infection or bleeding, which occurs rarely.Steroid side-effects: swelling of the face, arms and legs, diabetics may have their blood sugar level raised.

It is obligatory to inform your physician about pregnancy or the use of ‘blood thinning’ medications.