Peripheral nerve block is an injection of a local anesthetic or a steroid medication into or near a peripheral nerve to prevent pain signals to reach the brain. This pain management procedure can help those who suffer from: neck pain ,low back pain, sciatica resulting from herniated discs, lumbar canal stenosis, complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), pain arising from peripheral vascular disease, shingles pain, myofascial pain syndrome or cancer pain.

Peripheral nerve blocks can be performed as a single injection, or series of such injection. This pain management procedure may relieve pain from several hours to several months. In many cases, peripheral nerve blocks are performed together with a rehabilitation program.

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Common side effects could be compared with common injection side effects, i.e. allergic reaction, bacterial infection, bleeding in seldom cases. Steroids side effects are face, eyes, arms, legs swelling, sugar level increasing for diabetic patients.

Before any pain management procedure the patient must inform the physician about pregnancy or if he/she takes blood thinning medication