Intradiscal Thermal Therapy is used to reduce the low back pain caused by diseased or herniated discs. Usually Intradiscal Thermal Therapy is provided on an outpatient basis. To relax the patient and reduce discomfort local anesthetic and sedative analgetics are used. When proper disc is found, the physician uses fluoroscope to place a needle into the disc. Then heating wire is inserted through the needle close to damaged portion of the disc.

The temperature of the heating wire is increased slowly to rise the temperature of the disk wall to repair the tears in the disc wall. The needle and wire are removed and a small bandage is applied on the tiny wound.

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Common side effects could be compared with common injection side effects, i.e. allergic reaction, bacterial infection, bleeding in seldom cases. Steroids side effects are face, eyes, arms, legs swelling, sugar level increasing for diabetic patients.

The patient must inform the physician about pregnancy or if he/she takes blood thinning medication