Radio-Frequency Thermal Ablation If you are looking for an effective treatment for chronic pain that can last for months or even longer, we have an excellent option for you. Many people in New York have benefited from radio-frequency thermal ablation to help treat a variety of types of pain, especially that in the lower back. This treatment has largely taken the place of many other thermal ablation techniques because it is safer and more effective. Our team of doctors recommends radio-frequency thermal ablation in NYC for very specific types of pain.

Determining whether or not this is a good solution for you will take an in depth consultation and possibly additional visits. This is not typically a procedure you want to try first, but rather something that can be considered only after less invasive options are tried. Fortunately, this is still a minimally invasive and very safe procedure that can provide a lot of relief for lower back pain and other types of chronic pain issues.

How does Radio-Frequency Thermal Ablation Work

This treatment works by producing heat in a very precise location, which can help to stop nerves from generating pain signals. The heat is generated using radio-frequencies that can be controlled so that the doctors can target only the nerves and other tissues that they want, leaving the surrounding area completely unharmed. This precision is why radio-frequency thermal ablation has largely replaced treatments that used bursts of direct current or alternating electrical current to do the same type of thing.

Where do Doctors Target the Thermal Ablation

Prior to performing this procedure, the doctors will identify the right nerve using injections of anesthetics like lidocaine. They will inject the anesthetic on one nerve at a time until you get the relief you are looking for. Once they have done this, the doctors know the specific nerve or group of nerves that are causing the problem in your case. They can then use the radio-frequency thermal ablation machine to damage the nerve so that it won’t transmit the pain signals any longer. This nerve may regenerate over time, in which case the doctors will need to perform the procedure again. In most cases, however, it can last for months if not longer.

Is Radio-Frequency Thermal Ablation Right for You

Determining whether or not you are a good candidate for radio-frequency thermal ablation in NYC is impossible without seeing a doctor who specializes in pain management. We have been helping people throughout NYC, New York with all types of chronic pain for years, and can meet with you to determine if this is a good treatment option.

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