RACZ Caudal NeurolysisIf you suffer from lower back or leg pain it is important to find a solution that will provide you with the relief you need. For many people the RACZ caudal neurolysis injections are a very effective option that can help to restore comfort and mobility. This type of injection is most commonly used for pain that is related to scarring from a surgery that was performed in the past. No matter the cause of the pain, however, if our doctors choose this treatment option for you it is a good idea to learn more about it.

We have helped many patients by using the RACZ caudal neurolysis in New York, New York so make sure you get in touch with us for a consultation to see if it is a good option in your case. Our doctors will work with you to determine whether this is the right treatment option for you or if something else may be more effective. Even if you have worked with other doctors in the past without success, make sure you give us a try to see how we can help.

What is the RACZ Caudal Neurolysis Treatment

RACZ caudal neurolysis is a specific type of injection that is performed to relieve lower back and leg pain. The injection is an outpatient procedure and uses only local anesthetic so there is virtually no pain or discomfort. When ready for the procedure you will lay face down with a cushion under the stomach to help arch the back properly for the injection.

The doctor will carefully insert the needle into the small opening known as the sacral hiatus. Once in position they will inject an anesthetic to numb the entire area. When the anesthetic has taken effect the doctor will insert the RACZ caudal neurolysis injection into the epidural space in your spine. A contrast solution is carefully injected to make it easy for the doctor to see the scarred or painful areas using a fluoroscope. Finally, a very small catheter is fed through the needle and positioned where the scarring is located and the medication is injected.

Effects of RACZ Caudal Neurolysis

The medication that is injected through the catheter is typically going to be a mix of a steroid and some type of anesthetic to help reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. This can provide effective relief of back and leg pain in many patients. The doctor may choose to leave the catheter in place so they can add more medication in the following days. Once satisfied with the results the catheter will be removed. It is also sometimes necessary to perform this procedure again after a few months for further improvements.

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