Post Surgery PainSurgery of any type is a very invasive experience that can cause a lot of unwanted pain after the fact. While surgery can certainly fix a lot of issues, the post surgery pain can be difficult to deal with. This is especially true when the pain is still occurring weeks, months or years after the recovery period has been completed. Our team of specialists can help you find the post surgery pain relief you need in New York. We can identify what is causing your pain and come up with the best treatment option to help get you long term comfort.

The reason that post surgery pain in NYC is so hard to treat is because there can be many different causes. For example, if the surgery (or the reason for the surgery) caused damage to nerves they can be sending improper messages to the brain. Surgery can also cause muscles to heal incorrectly, which can result in chronic pain. Tendons, ligaments, joints and other parts of the body can also be the source of the problem, even if they weren’t the direct target of the surgery. Our doctors will work with you to figure out what is causing the pain and find the right solution.

Post Surgery Pain Treatments

Just like there are many cause of post surgery pain in NYC, there are also a lot of treatment options. Finding the one that works best for you with as few side effects as possible is our main goal. In some cases we may recommend you try physical therapy and rehab to eliminate the pain. In others, that may not work so we can use oral or IV medications to help your body function normally. Another great option that helps many people is injections. Injections allow our doctors to apply specific medication directly to the area of the body that is causing the pain.

These injections can help stop a nerve from transmitting pain signals, can reduce inflammation that is causing the pain, or can give steroids to help the body heal. Since they are being applied directly to the area that is causing the problem, injections can last longer and act more quickly than most other options. There are other treatment options that may be helpful too. Our doctors will choose the right course of action based on the unique details of your situation so that you can enjoy the best results with the least invasive solution possible.

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We operate multiple clinics here in New York that specialize in pain management. We can help you find relief from virtually any type of pain you may be experiencing. Whether it is post surgery pain in NYC, pain related to a medical condition, or any other type of pain, we can help. You can get in touch with either of our pain clinics by dialing 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123. We look forward to helping you find relief from your post surgery pain here in New York.