Percutaneous Disc NucleoplastyAre you in the NY area and suffering from a herniated disc? We have a solution to your chronic back pain caused by a herniated disc. One of the many services we offer is a percutaneous disc nucleoplasty. A herniated disc is caused by a weak or damaged wall of the disc letting the disk tissue leak through it. This fluid causes irritation to the surrounding nerve roots, and causes inflammation to the surrounding areas. To relieve the swelling, an injection is used to create a void inside the herniated disc. Specific radio waves are used to break up the molecular bonds inside the nucleus of the disc. This allows the leaked fluid to return to the void inside the disc. Once the fluid has left the nerve roots and surrounding areas, inflammation starts to subside, along with the pain associated with the herniated disc.

Quick Solution to Herniated Disc Pain

We are located throughout the New York area and have several pain management clinics that are helping patients every day manage their chronic back and neck pain. One of the procedures that our offices perform is called percutaneous disc nucleoplasty, which relieves pain associated with a herniated disc. This is an outpatient procedure that is relatively painless, and the entire process usually takes less than 60 minutes.

If you believe the only option to relive the pain from your herniated disc is a painful, expensive surgery, think again. We can help relieve your pain without using steroid or medicinal therapies, and most importantly, without surgery. A percutaneous disc nucleoplasty is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require a lengthy rehabilitation time, and allows you to experience pain relief almost immediately. We have helped many patients experience a better quality of life by helping them manage their pain. Call us today and we can help you.

We Have Experience with Pain Management Using Injections

We are local to the New York area and provide our customers with alternatives to living the rest of their lives with chronic neck and back pain. Visit us online at and you can find the different types of services that we offer. We have a variety of pain management alternatives that we perform each day. Call us to now to schedule a consultation at (212) 951-1238 or (718) 336-5123. Or if you have questions about whether a procedure would be a good option to help manage your pain, our highly trained staff will be able to provide you with the answers to all your questions.

Contact us today to find out if we can help you or your loved one manage the chronic pain that has taken over their lives. There is no need to deal with chronic pain each and every day when there is a fast and simple solution waiting for you at your office. With injections, we can help even the worst chronic pain sufferer; manage their pain so that they can enjoy life the way they used to.