Pain Injections for Migraines Few things are known to cause more pain than a migraine headache. They not only hurt, but can cause you to be sensitive to light, sound, smells and just about anything else you can imagine. For many people, pain injections for migraines in NYC are a great option that can not only provide relief as needed but can also help to reduce the frequency that they get migraines. If you live in New York and suffer from migraines, read on to see if pain injections might be a good option.

Our doctors specialize in all types of pain management, including treating chronic migraines. We will work with you to find the best treatment options based on your specific conditions. In many cases we have found that pain injections for migraines are an excellent solution that can help you to live your life much more normally.

Why Pain Injections for Migraines in NYC

Pain injections give doctors a lot more control over the medication and how it works in your body than would be possible with an oral medication. The doctors can place the injections into the precise location that they believe will provide the most relief. If your migraines are caused by issues with your neck, for example, the injections can be placed there. If it is in another area, the injection can be moved. Doctors can also use multiple injections in multiple locations to get you the relief you need.

Pain injections for migraines in NYC, New York have been used for years on many different patients with excellent results. They can help provide rapid relief of the pain and discomfort of a migraine so that you can get back to living your life.

Why do These Injections Work

Pain injections for migraines in NYC work for a variety of different reasons depending on the root cause of your migraines. Our doctors will work with you to discover why you are getting migraines and then customize the treatment just for you. If you have stress-induced migraines, for example, the doctors may choose to inject an anti-inflammatory medication into your neck back or head. This can help to improve blood flow so that the headache can fade away.

The doctors can also choose to inject pain medication into some of the nerves in your head, back or neck to limit their ability to transmit pain signals. This can be a great way to cut off the migraine completely. Of course, every patient is unique and the specific reason why injections work can be discussed with our doctors when you come in for treatment.

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Whether you have frequent migraines or they only occur occasionally, they are not something you want to just deal with. Our office specializes in all types of pain management and we can help you to get your migraines under control. We offer pain injections or migraines in NYC and would love the opportunity to help you get the relief you need. To set up an appointment please give us a call at 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123.