Pain Injections for Back Back pain can be caused by a wide range of things including injuries, twisting it wrong, lifting something improperly or any number of other things. What’s worse is that many people can’t really pinpoint the exact cause of their back pain. Finding relief from the pain, however, is a priority for anyone who is experiencing chronic pain or discomfort. One very effective option is to use pain injections for the back in NYC.

Our clinic specializes in helping people find relief from back pain and pain in other areas. In many cases we can help people get the relief they need by simply using the right type of pain injections in the back. These pain injections for back pain can be done right in our New York offices for your convenience. Whether you’ve used injections in the past or not, we would love the opportunity to work with you to give them a try or find an alternative to help you eliminate the pain in your back.

Are Pain Injections for Back Pain Safe

Any time people are going to get an injection on or near the spine they want to know if it is safe. Our doctors specialize in helping people find relief for pain and we only use procedures that are proven safe and effective. In addition, we always take every possible precaution to reduce or eliminate any risk of making things worse than they already are.

For most people, pain injections for back pain in NYC are actually far safer than other treatment options such as surgery or heavy doses of pain medication. On top of that, these injections could be considered safer than doing nothing at all because they can help restore your mobility so you can stay in shape and avoid other chronic illnesses. To put it simply, however, yes – injections for back pain are very safe.

How do the Injections Work

Our doctors will work with you to determine where the pain is coming from and what the cause is. Once identified they will determine whether pain injections for back in NYC are the right choice. If they are, they will plan out exactly what medications should be used and where the injection should go. In most cases the medication will be a combination of pain medicine, steroids and anti-inflammatory medications. This will help treat the cause and other symptoms of the pain so you can get maximum relief.

When ready, the doctor will carefully inject a needle into your back and position it right on the problem area. In many cases this will be done with a scope that allows the doctor to see where the needle is located in relation to your spine. When the needle is in place, the doctor will typically insert some dye that can be seen from the scope. This will help ensure the medication will go exactly where it is supposed to. Assuming everything is in the right place, the doctor will then inject the medication into the area. The needle is then taken out and you can return home while the effects begin.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about pain injections for back issues in NYC, New York please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ve been helping people with back problems for years and would be honored to have the chance to help you too. We can be reached by dialing either 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123.