Occipital Neuralgic Headaches Any type of severe headache can be a major problem, but when you are experiencing chronic occipital neuralgic headaches they can be very debilitating. These types of headaches typically cause pain on the back and top of the head, which may extend to the forehead or even the eyes. They are caused from the two greater occipital nerves, which run on either side of the head back into the bones between the spine in the upper neck.

When one or both of these nerves becomes irritated it can cause intense shooting or tingling pain. If only one of the nerves is having issues you may only experience the symptoms on one side of the head, which can be a very odd and unsettling sensation. Finding relief from occipital neuralgic headaches in New York is important for being able to get things done and focus on your normal everyday activities. Our team of pain management specialists can help you if you suffer from chronic occipital neuralgic headaches.

Treating the Source of the Pain

When people have any type of headache, including occipital neuralgic headaches, they often assume that oral pain medications are the best course of action. While these are fine for the occasional headache that isn’t too severe, they aren’t likely to be enough for this type. Occipital neuralgic headaches in NYC need to be treated at the source of the problem. While the pain is in the head, the problem is going to be with the nerve in the upper neck.

Our pain management clinics can help you find relief from this pain by treating the nerve itself. In some cases this can be done through stretches and physical therapy that can help to relieve pressure or pinching that is likely causing the problem. In cases where this is not enough, we can also use injections to treat the pain.

Pain Relief Injections

These injections are often very effective because they allow us to place the medicine directly on and around the nerve or nerves that are causing the pain. The doctor will take the medicine and inject it into the neck. They will then use a fluoroscope to help guide the needle to the precise location where the nerve is positioned. When in place, the medicine can be injected to give you the best treatment possible. In many cases this can provide complete relief that will also prevent future headaches. Some people may need to schedule injections in the future as well to help stop the headaches from returning.

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