Neck Pain Injections Finding relief from chronic pain can be difficult, but it is worth the effort. We specialize in working with patients that have all sorts of pain and can help you reduce or eliminate the pain and discomfort so you can return to living life normally. Many types of pain come from issues in or around the neck, which is why neck pain injections in New York are such an effective option. If you suffer from a chronically painful head, neck or back, this may be an effective treatment option.

Neck pain injections in NYC are very effective at providing patients with fast and long lasting relief from pain and discomfort. If you think your neck is the source of your pain, we can help. Learn more about neck pain injections in NYC, New York and how they can safely provide you with relief.

Are Neck Pain Injections Safe?

Whenever dealing with injections in or around the neck or spine safety is going to be a main concern. Our team of doctors takes every precaution to help ensure there are no unintended issues. Whenever using an injection near the spine or other critical areas, for example, the doctors will use a fluoroscope so they can see exactly where the needle is going throughout the procedure. This not only helps to ensure no damage is done, but will also allow the doctors to get the medication to the exact location where it can do the most good.

In many ways neck pain injections in NYC are actually safer than other treatment options. Surgery, for example, is going to be far riskier due to the added anesthesia that is needed. While surgery may be necessary in some cases, the added risks should make it a treatment of last resort. Even compared to taking oral or IV pain medications, these injections can be much safer. This is because there is no risk of dependence or overdose when working with injections like there could be with the other methods.

Effective Neck Pain Injections

Another benefit to neck pain injections is that they are so effective. The medication is placed directly on the problem areas, which allows it to provide you with better relief. Doctors can choose the exact type and amount of medicine that should be injected, which makes this a very precise treatment option compared to most other choices. Depending on the specifics of your case, for example, the doctor could use a pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory medication and a steroid in one injection. This will help you to get the results you’re looking for.

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