Lumbar Radiofrequency NeurotomyMany people suffer from chronic facet joint pain and find that it is very difficult to get the relief they need. While strong pain medications can certainly reduce the pain for a time, the side effects can make it impossible to get out and perform day to day activities. One great option that may provide you with long lasting relief is the lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy.

We perform the lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy in NYC at our offices and would love the opportunity to work with you to see if it is a good option in your case. We have several offices in New York so the chances are you aren’t too far away. Take some time to learn more about this procedure and if you’d like to set up a consultation with our doctors, please give us a call to make an appointment.

What is Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy

Lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy is a proven procedure that involves using heat applied directly to the nerve pathways to help provide pain relief. To put it simply, this concentrated heat will ‘shut off’ the transmission of the pain signals to the brain. When successful it can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the facet joint pain.

Why Choose Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy

This is not a procedure that people start out with when they are having facet joint pain. In most cases doctors will only consider this option after trying things like physical therapy, muscle relaxers, pain medication and other traditional pain management options. When these don’t work or they have difficult side effects, the lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy may be considered. Anyone with chronic facet joint pain that is not managed with other options may benefit from this treatment. If you think that may be you, having a consultation with our doctors is the best place to start.

What are the Benefits of Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy

The biggest benefit is, of course, pain relief. Patients have reported dramatic reduction in pain and in some cases complete relief. Another perk of this option is that the relief can last up to two years before any further treatments are needed. When successful you will also benefit from the fact that you typically don’t need to take additional pain medicine or other treatments. Finally, this is often seen as an alternative to far more invasive surgical options that actually have fairly low success rates for many conditions. To put it simply, the benefits of getting a lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy in NYC are very significant and attractive to anyone struggling with facet joint pain.

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