Low Back Pain Injections Lower back pain can be extremely difficult to live with, especially when it is either constantly there or reoccurs quite frequently. This type of pain can be debilitating because it can stop you from lifting, moving or even walking comfortably. Finding a treatment option that will reduce or eliminate this pain is very important, and that’s what we specialize in here at our pain clinic. For many people we can offer low back pain injections in NYC to provide fast and long lasting relief from the pain in this area.
If you are looking into low back pain injections in New York, you’ll want to read through this page to learn more about this treatment option. When done, please feel free to get in touch with us at one of our NYC offices to set up an appointment. Our doctors specialize in pain relief and pain management, and we will work hard to help you to address your lower back pain properly.

How do Low Back Pain Injections Work

Low back pain injections work by applying medication directly to the source of the problem. Rather than taking oral pain medication, for example, which has to travel all through your body, we will apply a similar pain medication right to the part of your spine that is causing the pain. This will help you to get better results with fewer risks or side effects. The medication is placed directly on the problem area and it remains in place for a longer period of time than would be possible with other treatment options.
Of course, whenever working on the back it is important to be extra careful not to cause damage to the spine or surrounding area. Our doctors will use a fluoroscope to guide them directly to the location where the medication is needed. This helps them to ensure the medication is placed exactly where it needs to go and that no damage is done to the spine itself. Many patients have found that this is a very safe and effective way to treat their lower back pain in NYC.

Effective Low Back Pain Treatment

Whenever working on treating lower back pain you want to make sure that it has a good chance at being effective. Low back pain injections are very effective because they are so targeted in the way they work. Rather than having medication go through your entire system, the injections target only the problem areas. As mentioned above, this will help the medication stay in the right place for much longer than is possible with other treatments.

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To learn more about low back pain injections in NYC, please feel free to contact us. We can explain how they work and why. If this treatment is a good option for your situation, we can set up an appointment to have it done as soon as possible. Our team can be reached by calling either 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123. We look forward to helping you soon.