Injections Rheumatoid ArthritisThose who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis can experience debilitating pain and discomfort that can be very limiting. Whether you have it in your fingers, legs or other joints it is important to find relief so you can continue living your life as normally as possible. For some people simple over the counter pain medications are sufficient. For many, however, these types of pain killers just don’t do the job.

We offer injections for rheumatoid arthritis in NYC that have been proven to help dramatically reduce or even eliminate the pain for extended periods of time. While this treatment is not for everyone, it is an excellent option for many people. Take some time to learn about these injections and then consider coming in for a consultation with our doctors to see if injections for Rheumatoid arthritis in New York is a good option for you.

How are the Injections Given

If you and the doctors agree that injections for rheumatoid arthritis are a good option, we will schedule an appointment for you to come in and get the actual injections. This is a very simple outpatient procedure that can be completed quite quickly based on which joints require the injections and other factors. When you come in the doctor will already have the information concerning your specific case. This will allow them to precisely place the injections.

The doctor will take a needle and carefully insert it as close as possible to the joints where your rheumatoid arthritis is causing problems. Once in place they will inject the medication. The doctors will work with you to determine which medications are the right choice for your specific case. In most cases a mixture of pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication and steroids will be used to help provide the relief you need.

Benefits of Injections for Rheumatoid Arthritis in NYC

If these injections provide you with the relief you’re looking for you will likely be scheduled for injections on a somewhat regular basis. For many people these treatments can provide relief for weeks or even months at a time, which makes it a very convenient option to consider.

In addition to the effectiveness, there are many other benefits. One of the most important to many patients is that you won’t have to be taking strong pain medications orally. Many of these types of medications have very negative side effects since you have to take them so frequently. By reducing or eliminating the need for these types of medications you can get the relief you need with very few, if any, side effects. Since the medication is going directly to the problem area, we can also use lower doses than would otherwise be possible.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about getting injections for rheumatoid arthritis in NYC, New York please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can schedule a consultation for you or answer your questions right over the phone. You can reach our offices by calling either 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123.