Injection for Sciatica Nerve PainSciatica nerve pain can be extremely difficult to deal with and in some cases can actually be quite debilitating. This type of pain can affect anyone, though it gets more common as people age or when women are pregnant. While there are some physical therapy options that can provide relief, they don’t always work for everyone. If you’re looking for a real, long term, treatment option you want to consider injections for sciatica nerve pain in NYC.

These injections work well because they go directly toward the source of the problem. Unlike most medications that have to travel throughout the body to reach the one problem area, injections for sciatica nerve pain in New York are placed right on the nerve itself. This will help you to enjoy a faster and more complete relief from pain. We offer these injections here in our convenient New York offices so you can have them done quickly and conveniently.

Are Injections for Sciatica Nerve Pain Safe

Whenever getting any type of treatment option for any condition you will want to make sure that it is completely safe. These injections are extremely safe and in many cases will be the safest treatment option out there. Unlike surgery, you don’t need to be put under with general anesthesia so that eliminates a lot of the risks. Even compared to taking oral pain relievers the safety is improved. With injections for sciatica nerve pain there is virtually no risk of overdosing, becoming dependent on a medication or any of the other issues commonly associated with pills.

These injections are given in our offices by experienced medical professionals. Our doctors will work with you to determine exactly which medications you need and at what doses. This helps to ensure your treatment is as effective and safe as it possibly can be.

Are Injections for Sciatica Nerve Pain Effective

Of course, this is another big question that people have about pain relief injections. The fast answer is that yes; these injections are very effective. For many people, they are the most effective option out there. This is because the injections are treating the actual nerve rather than indirectly treating the pain like most oral medications do.

When you come in for a sciatica nerve injection the doctor will take a syringe filled with pain relievers and other medications and inject it directly into your leg where the sciatica nerve pain is coming from. Depending on the situation, they can use a special device that lets them see exactly where they are placing the medication in order to ensure they are getting it directly where it needs to go. The medication can include strong pain relievers, steroids and anti-inflammatory medication so that it not only relieves pain but can often provide long term relief.

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