Injection for Joint Pain Using injections for joint pain in NYC is a very popular option, and one that can be extremely effective. No matter what type of joint pain you are suffering from, there are many types of injections that can be tried to help you find relief. Our clinic specializes in helping people find relief from chronic pain in the back, hips, joints and other areas. Whether you’ve worked with other doctors in the past or not, we are here to help you with your joint pain.

Joint pain can be quite debilitating because of the fact that it not only hurts terribly, but can also cause significant weakness in the joints. This can make it hard to walk, grip things, bend over or perform other common tasks. Using injections for joint pain in New York is an extremely effective option to consider. If you are interested in learning more, please read on to learn about how these injections can help you. If you still have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact one of our NYC, New York offices to talk to us today.

Types of Injections for Joint Pain

The doctors here at our offices will work with you to determine exactly which types of injections will work best for you. We have many different types of mediation that can be used to treat many types of conditions. For example, we use cortisone injections to help reduce inflammation in the joints, which can provide you with the relief you need. We also inject pain medications to reduce or eliminate the discomfort you are feeling.

In most situations the doctors will combine two or more medications into one injection to help treat the area most effectively. For example, one injection may contain a pain relief medication, an anti-inflammation medicine and a steroid. Together these types of medications can help you to get the relief you need from almost any type of chronic joint pain.

Why Choose Injections for Joint Pain

Injections are used for joint pain because of the fact that they allow the doctor to be much more precise when applying medication. Pain medication taken orally or even through an IV, for example, needs to travel all through your body to treat the problem areas. When you use injections, on the other hand, the medicine is only applied to the problem areas. This means you won’t need to take nearly as much medicine or take it as often. This can help to reduce or eliminate any negative side effects while still giving you superior results.

Contact Us

If you still have questions about whether or not injections for joint pain in NYC is the right choice for you, please get in touch with us. We can set you up with an appointment to see one of our doctors who will discuss all your options with you. We can be reached by dialing either 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123.