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If you’re suffering from a herniated disc in your neck, there’s no need to endure pain any longer. Call today and see if radio ablation therapy is right for you.

Is There a Way to Treat a Herniated Neck Disc without Surgery?

Herniated disc pain can be a source of constant discomfort, and reparative processes are often invasive and time-consuming — never mind dangerous. However, there are nonsurgical options available at our Brooklyn clinic. We offer proven methods like radio ablation therapy, which do not require incisions and provide lasting relief.

How Will I Know If the Treatment Will Be Effective for My Pain>

The easiest way to confirm your eligibility for our herniated neck disc treatment options is to contact us today at 212-951-1238 and receive a consultation. Our expert clinicians can discuss your symptoms and determine what an appropriate course of action might be. In most cases, herniated neck disc pain is treatable with non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures.

How Does Herniated Neck Disc Pain Treatment Work in Practice?

Using a process called radio frequency ablation, we use a type of ultrasound machine to heat up the nerve tissue in an affected area. This eliminates the pain signals that the nerves would otherwise send to your brain, allowing you relief from symptoms.

Our Herniated Neck Disc Treatment Can Help with the Following:

  1. Reduced mobility
  2. Soreness or tightness
  3. Throbbing pain
  4. Radiating pain
  5. Diminished flexibility