Femoral Nerve Block We are a pain management clinic located in the New York area. We can help you with pain management associated with major surgeries, such as knee surgery, or hip replacement. We use an injection of an anesthesia into the femoral nerve to effectively perform a femoral nerve block. The injection takes place in the groin area where the femoral nerve is located. An effective femoral nerve block will produce a loss of feeling and numbness from the groin area down to the lower leg, past the knee. The numbness effect of a femoral nerve block generally lasts anywhere from 10 hours to 24 hours, sometimes even lasting longer than 24 hours.

Managing your postoperative pain can be easily done with a femoral nerve block. A femoral nerve block is a much more efficient and effective way of pain management for certain situations. Usually, this procedure is used to relieve pain after a major surgery to a leg, hip, or knee. Your doctor will discuss the specifics with you, and decide on the amount of anesthetic that will be required for your specific situation. As with any medication or procedure, its effectiveness varies from patient to patient.

Pain Management Via Injection

Have you recently had surgery on your leg, hip, or knee? We can help you manage the pain associated with your recent surgery. One of the services we offer is a femoral nerve block. We will locate your femoral nerve, which is located in the groin area, and inject an anesthetic to numb the femoral nerve. This will help to relieve any pain that you are feeling from your hip down to your lower leg. The side effects associated with an injection for femoral nerve block are minimal, with the common side effects being possible irritation or allergic reaction at the point of injection. If you are diabetic or pregnant, you should inform your doctor before a femoral nerve block injection is performed, as complications may arise.

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