Failed Back Syndrome Being diagnosed with failed back syndrome in NYC can be particularly difficult for many people. This condition occurs after back surgery, which is why it can be quite disheartening. Many people go into back surgery hoping that they will finally be able to put their back issues behind them. After the recovery, however, some people continue to experience chronic pain in their back or legs, which is then diagnosed as failed back syndrome.

While this is not a very common issue, it can be quite debilitating. Whether you have been officially diagnosed with failed back syndrome in New York or you just think you may have it, we can help. Our team of medical doctors and other professionals specialize in pain management. We operate two clinics in NYC, New York and have helped many people with this difficult condition over the years. Learn more about how we can help or get in touch with us to set up an appointment today.

Treatment for Failed Back Syndrome in NYC

When looking for relief from the pain associated with failed back syndrome it is important to come to the experts. The doctors at our clinics specialize in pain management, and have lots of experience with failed back syndrome in NYC. We can help to identify what is causing the ongoing pain and provide relief. This type of condition can be caused by scar tissue, joint hypermobility or altered joint mobility, pressure on a spinal nerve or any number of other things. We’ll work to determine what is causing the pain, and then choose a course of action to treat it.

In many cases this condition can be treated using pain injections. These injections are very effective because of the fact that they are so targeted. Unlike oral pain pills, which treat pain throughout the body, the pain injections we use target the exactly location that is causing the pain. The doctors will use a needle and are guided by a special instrument that lets them see exactly where the needle is going. Once in the location where the pain is coming from, they will inject the medication.

Our doctors will use the specific medication or medication that is going to be most effective in your situation. In many cases this will include powerful pain medicine, anti-inflammatory medication and steroids all combined into one shot. This medication will wash over the problem areas helping to get rid of the pain. In some cases, the doctors can even take more drastic measures and attempt to block the pain entirely. Contact our doctors to start the process of learning which treatment options will be right for you.

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