Facet Joint Arthralgia If you are suffering from back pain after an accident or injury, you may be experiencing facet joint arthralgia in New York. This is a condition that is fairly common after things like car accidents, slip and fall accidents or even just normal aging. The facet joints are the joints in your back and neck that are responsible for about 20% of the overall twisting ability of your back and neck. They provide not only the ability to twist, but also help stabilize you.

When these joints are injured, however, they can be extremely painful and in many cases can drastically limit your mobility. Finding relief from facet joint arthralgia in NYC, New York is very important, but it isn’t always easy. Here at our clinics, however, we have helped people with this and many other types of chronic pain and we would love the opportunity to help you too. Learn more about this condition and treatment options by reading on and then get in touch with us to finally get the relief you need.

Pain Injections for Facet Joints

One of the most effective treatment options for facet joint arthralgia in NYC are pain injections. These injections consist of specific medications chosen by our doctors. In some cases, they will simply be strong pain killers. In others it will be a combination of pain killers, steroids, anti-inflammatory medicines and other things. The specific solution will depend on the amount of pain and other factors involved.

Pain injections are very effective because they are given directly to the pain area. In the case of facet joint arthralgia in NYC you will receive the injections directly on or near the facet joint itself. If you have multiple joints that are having trouble, you may require multiple injections. When getting the procedure, the doctor will be guided by a fluoroscope that will allow them to see exactly where the needle is going. When right up to the joint, the medication will be injected. This allows you to get the maximum benefits with as few side effects as possible.

One of the many reasons that pain injections are such a great option for those suffering from facet joint arthralgia in NYC is that there are very few side effects. The injection doesn’t have the same risks of dependence or overdose that you would experience from oral medications. In addition, all the medicine stays right at the site of the problem, which makes it much more effective.

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