Discectomy Surgery | Lasting Pain Relief from Brooklyn Clinicians
Our team of surgeons can help you eliminate spinal nerve pain with a discectomy surgery. Speak to our NYC pain specialists and get a spinal disc consultation today.

Consult an Experienced Surgical Team for Your Upcoming Discectomy

Our NYC surgical team has years of experience performing lumbar spine decompression operations, and we can help you achieve pain relief today. We offer surgical procedures, topical pain relief, and a number of palliative solutions to help you resolve your spine issues. If you’re interested in learning about a discectomy, call us today at 212-951-1238 and speak to one of our specialists.

Don’t Let Chronic Spinal Nerve Pain Diminish Your Quality of Life

Spine pain can be debilitating, as it’s ever-present and can affect you whether you’re active or stationary. What’s more, spinal pain can bring along a number of comorbid symptoms that will greatly affect your quality of life. So, rather than letting the issues remain static (or worsen), call us today and let us assist you.

Our Brooklyn Pain Relief Clinic Offers Solutions for Spine Issues

We have a team of highly experienced pain specialists at our Brooklyn clinic. They can assess your condition and determine what approach works best in order to relieve your pain. Whether it’s a discectomy surgery at our NYC facility or a treatment like radio nerve ablation, we’re here to help you get relief.

Call Today If You’re Currently Dealing with Any of the Following:

  1. Degenerated spine discs
  2. Bulging disc
  3. Lumbar spine compression
  4. Lower back pain
  5. Spine injury