decompressive discetomy nucleoplastyAre you suffering from chronic back pain caused by an intervertebral disc protrusion? Have you been told that the only alternative left to relive your pain is a painful, invasive surgery? We are a pain management clinic that has several locations in the NY area, and we specialize in using specific injections and procedures to help manage and alleviate chronic pain. Our patients come to us because of their chronic neck, back, or limb pain caused by neck or back problems. Through the use of injections, we help our patients manage their chronic pain. Many of our patients experience complete pain relief. Everybody responds differently to medication, so it is difficult to say that we can cure your pain completely, but we are confident that we can help manage the pain that you are currently experiencing through one of our procedures, so that you no longer have to be immobilized due to your pain.

We are able to help relieve, and many times completely reduce your pain that is caused by an intervertebral disc protrusion. The procedure we use is called decompressive discetomy nucleoplasty, which is normally done on an outpatient basis. A small probe, or catheter is inserted into the intervertebral disc, and a tiny portion of the disc nucleus is removed, which relieves the pressure from the protruding disc wall that is pushing up against the nerve that is causing the pain. When the disc nucleus is removed, the protruding disc wall is drawn back inside and fills the void left by the disc nucleus that was removed.

Simple and Fast Procedure To Fix Intervertebral Disc Protrusion

Decompressive discectomy nucleoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done on an outpatient basis. In many cases, results can be seen almost immediately, as the pressure on the pain causing nerve is released. The surrounding bones and muscles are not affected during this procedure, which allows most rehabilitation to be of a reduced duration compared to other procedures.

We Can Help With Your Intertebral Disc Protrusion

At our pain management clinics located throughout the NY area, we help people get back to their normal lives by helping relieve their chronic neck and back pain. Visit us online at and you can find out more about us, and about our services that we offer. We have several clinics located throughout New York, and we are available Monday through Saturday, to help accommodate busy schedules.

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