Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is an issue that many people suffer from here in New York. Finding relief from the pain can be a long and difficult process in many cases. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this condition or you believe you may have it, we can help. We have several offices here in NYC and have helped thousands of people to minimize or even eliminate the pain of this condition.

Our team of doctors specializes in helping people find relief from pain caused by a wide range of different conditions. Even if other doctors have failed to help you in the past, we may be able to help. Take a moment to learn more about complex regional pain syndrome in NYC and how we can help.

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS is a condition that typically causes ongoing pain in your arms, legs, hands or feet. It is commonly caused by an injury or trauma to the impacted area, though not always. Most experts believe that CRPS is actually caused by the damage to the peripheral and the central nervous system, which results in the chronic pain. In some cases the nerve damage can be confirmed, but not always.

Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

There are quite a few different symptoms associated with this syndrome and not all patients will have all the symptoms. Of course, chronic pain is the most common and most serious issue. In addition, many people experience changes in the skin texture near the affected area, abdominal sweating patterns, changes in the nail or hair growth and more. The specific symptoms vary from case to case and based on the location of the injury. Just about anyone can experience this condition, though no children under the age of five have gotten it and only very few before the age of ten.

Pain Management Options

The pain from this condition can be quite severe and even debilitating in many cases. Finding relief from the pain is often the primary goal for treatment. Our offices specialize in helping people reduce or eliminate pain from this and many other conditions. We use a wide range of different approaches to help find which one will work the best.

When treating complex regional pain syndrome in NYC we often use injections to help provide the needed relief. These injections can be placed directly into the area where the pain is felt. In most cases we can use strong pain medication in the injections to reduce or eliminate the pain. We may also try anti-inflammatory medications to see if that helps. In virtually every case we can find the right medication or combination of medications to help provide you the comfort needed to live your life more normally.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your treatment options for complex regional pain syndrome in New York, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to work with you over the phone and schedule an appointment for you to come in and see one of our pain management doctors. We can be reached by dialing 212-951-1238 or 718-336-5123.