Caudal steroid injectionAre you in the New York area and tired of experiencing constant pain in your lower back or limbs due to inflammation caused by back problems such as a herniated disc or bone spurs? You are not alone. One alternative you have, rather than living with chronic pain that can leave you immobilized and depressed, is to pursue a pain management program. That is where we can help.

We are a pain management center that can help you relieve the chronic pain you are feeling through a series of injections of a caudal steroid. The injection of the caudal steroid will help reduce the inflammation that is causing your pain, and let you live a fuller, happier life by reducing your pain overall. For some individuals, a repeated procedure of the caudal steroid injection allows them to maintain a life with a more than manageable level of pain.

Visit us online at to learn more about injections that can help relieve chronic pain that you are suffering. We are located in the New York area and are always accepting new patients, so call us today to get your questions about being pain free answered. The sooner you get an appointment, the sooner we can help your pain.

Pain Free

Are you in the NY area and tired of living with pain? Do you accept that you will live with pain for the rest of your life? If so, then you should contact us and find out how we can help you with your chronic pain. A caudal steroid injection might just be the best injection that you will get. And with the experience of our staff, we can answer any questions that you may have about using injections for pain management.

Visit us online at to learn more about pain management through injections. Injections for pain management are a fast and easy way to manage your chronic pain. We have treated many patients that told us they did not believe that it would work. After the treatment, they gave us praises, thanking us for helping relieve the pain that they have been living with. Let us help you treat your chronic pain with a few simple injections, and you can be on your way to a fuller, happier life.

Chronic Back Pain Management

If you are in New York and are experiencing chronic lower back pain, neck pain, or limb pain related to inflammation in your back or neck, then we can help you. You can call us now at (212) 951-1238 or (718) 336-5123, and we will get you scheduled for an appointment at one of our several locations in the NY area. Chances are that you are not very far from one of our locations in New York, so call us and you can be on your way to managing your chronic pain with injections of caudal steroid.

We are accepting new patients and would be glad to help you with your chronic pain. Making the choice of getting injections of caudal steroids to reduce inflammation is a proven way to reduce pain associated with inflammation.