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Medical Marijuana Prescription in NYC

If you suffer from severe acute, chronic or sporadic pain but you don’t want to risk getting addicted to powerful pain medicines it is important to find the right alternative. Many people have learned that getting a medical marijuana prescription in New York can provide effective pain relief without any of the unwanted side effects. […]

Facet Joint Blocks in NYC

If you suffer from chronic back pain you are likely looking for a treatment that will be effective. For many people, choosing facet joint blocks in New York is an excellent option. This procedure is minimally invasive and has been shown to be extremely effective at treating many types of pain. Our doctors have performed […]

Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy in NYC

Chronic lower back pain is something that can negatively affect your life, leaving you stranded at home instead of participating with family and friends at functions that you wish you could attend. We have helped many of our patients get back to their daily lives, by helping them find the proper treatment of injections that […]

Spinal Cord Stimulation in NYC

If you are suffering from chronic pain caused by severe nerve relate pain, or a failed back surgery, then spinal cord stimulation might be a solution for you. We have been able to help many people manage their chronic pain through the use of spinal cord stimulation. We are located in the NY area and […]

Radio-Frequency Thermal Ablation in NYC

If you are looking for an effective treatment for chronic pain that can last for months or even longer, we have an excellent option for you. Many people in New York have benefited from radio-frequency thermal ablation to help treat a variety of types of pain, especially that in the lower back. This treatment has […]

Trigger Point Injections in NYC

For many people who struggle with chronic pain, the cause is not at the location of the pain at all. It may be located at a trigger point, which is typically going to be in the upper back or shoulder area. Trigger points are areas of spasms and/or inflammation of the skeletal muscles, which can […]

Peripheral Nerve Blocks in NYC

If you are looking for a way to block pain in specific areas of the body, peripheral nerve blocks may be a great choice. These blocks can provide regional pain blocking that is extremely effective, yet still safe. Doctors can use this type of pain blocking procedure during surgery so that the patient doesn’t need […]

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks in NYC

If you are experiencing chronic pain and haven’t been able to find relief through normal doctors, we may have a solution for you. Our pain clinics specialize in figuring out what is causing pain and putting it to an end. If you have unusual types of pain such as that caused by spasms in blood […]

Epidural Steroid Injections in NYC

Chronic back pain is extremely difficult to live with. It can make moving around very painful, which can make getting exercise or stretching almost impossible. The loss of mobility then causes the back pain to get worse over time. Finding the right solution is very important, and it will often mean working with pain management […]

After Surgery Pain Treatment in NYC

Having ongoing after surgery pain in New York can be very discouraging for many people. Surgery is supposed to resolve problems, which it often does, but sometimes it can also cause ongoing pain issues. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with it since there are a variety of after surgery pain treatments available in NYC […]