Back Pain InjectionAre you in the New York area and experiencing chronic back pain? Before you decide to have major back surgery that is supposed to take care of your chronic back pain, you should explore all of your options.

We are located in the NY area and have several pain management clinics that are open 6 days a week. At each of our clinics, we help patients every day that are experiencing some type of chronic back pain. We help them through the use of several different types of injections and procedures that allow them to manage their chronic pain, instead of just living with it.

Do Injections Work Better Than Medications?

There are many people that don’t like the idea of getting an injection. Unfortunately, many times, the best and quickest way for pain relief is with an injection. When a physician uses an injection to relive pain, the area that is causing the pain can be specifically targeted as the injection site, which leads to quicker pain relief in many cases. Often, there are situations where the physician will determine that the best course of pain management is a combination of an injection and medication. This of course, depends on each person’s individual situation.

Does It Take More Than One Injection Before Pain Relief Is Experienced?

It is difficult to determine if a patient is going to feel complete pain relief after one injection, or if it is going to take several injections to experience pain relief. Each person responds differently to an injection, so it is impossible to know for sure what a response will be until after the injection is performed.

Depending on the procedure and the type of pain that you are experiencing, you may feel pain relief immediately after the injection. This pain relief may last a week, or it may be permanent. In other cases, you may experience temporary pain relief for a day or two, then once the anesthetic wears off, your pain may return. Many times, in these cases, after 4 or 5 days the steroid injection will start to reduce your pain due to the inflammation and irritation being reduced. The important thing to remember is that the amount of pain relief you will experience depends on your body, and the type of condition that is causing your pain.

The primary goal at our clinics is to help you manage your chronic pain through injections. We know that not everybody will experience a complete reduction of pain. What we strive for is to make sure that we can help you get your chronic pain under control so that you can start to get back to your normal daily life.

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