Acute Pain TreatmentAcute pain can be particularly hard to live with because it can come on suddenly and can be very sharp and severe. While most acute pain is just the bodies way of warning us that something is wrong, there are times when the pain needs to be treated so you can live your life normally. For example, acute pain caused by a burn may hurt but it also helps us to know that we are touching something very hot so we can avoid it.

Once you know what the issue is, however, you may need acute pain treatment in NYC so you can properly allow your body to heal. After a surgery, for example, many people experience acute pain because the body has gone through such a severe trauma. The pain can raise stress levels and slow down the healing process. Here at our pain clinic we offer the best acute pain treatment in New York so you can live or recover more normally.

Pain Injections for Acute Pain

One of the most effective options for acute pain treatment in NYC is to use injections. These injections will apply pain medication directly to the source of the problem. If you had a hip replacement, for example, we can provide an injection of medication to the nerves in and around the hip to stop the pain during recovery.

Pain injections are a great option because they can be much more targeted and have far fewer risks than oral medications or other similar treatments. Our doctors can mix a solution of medications including pain blockers, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and others that can not only address the pain, but also help to facilitate the healing. When it comes to acute pain treatment in NYC, this is one of the best ways to get the results you need.

Blocking Pain

We have a variety of acute pain treatment options that can also help to completely block the pain from taking place. This can be a good option for acute pain because rather than having to experience the sharp pain, the pain signals are stopped completely. While this can be very effective, the doctors will need to be careful to ensure that they are not blocking necessary pain. For example, after an abdominal surgery you may feel pain if you are attempting to sit up quickly because you are putting added pressure on the incision and muscles. Without the pain, you could rip open stiches and cause other problems. In many cases, however, it is completely safe to block the acute pain without putting any unwanted risks in place.

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